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So its New Year... What will you do?

2017-01-08 23:18:02 by SaviorLoji

Its a New Year already huh... so, what will you do this year? What have you done in 2016?

​Make sure you never lose your sight on your objectives, belive in yourself and the dear ones around you.

Here's another illustration for phyrnna, hope you like it!

Happy New Year for Everyone!



Merry -very late- Christmas Everyone!

2016-12-27 23:47:44 by SaviorLoji

Hello everyone!

Merry Christmas for all of you, i know im very late but i hope you all had an excellent christmas with your friends and family!

Here is a little fanart i made for Phyrnna​ (




That time of the year....

2015-12-24 16:34:20 by SaviorLoji

Merry Christmas everyone!

I hope everyone can have a good time with your families and friends!





A Happy new year!

2014-12-31 12:05:52 by SaviorLoji

Hello people!

Well... 2014 was quite a crazy year. Lots of weird stuff happened not only in my life, but in the whole world. I wouldnt say it was the best year for me... but im glad that i made a few good friends here in NG, friends which made me feel happy to be here.


I hope 2015  will be a much better year, for me, for my friends, family, and everyone here.

For me... it will be a whole new life.

Happy New Year, Everyone!




Merry Christmas!

2014-12-24 19:49:21 by SaviorLoji

Well... its that time of the year again.

I hope everyone is having fun and lots of food with family, like im having right now.

Have a good Chrismas everyone!



Its my Birthday!

2014-09-11 20:07:12 by SaviorLoji

Hi Newgrounds!

Today, 09/11 is my Birthday again!  \o/

Meh... im getting old... 16 years old... it feels like it was yesterday that i was 12...

I wish i could go back to these old times >.<

Please leave a comment! :D






First drawing!

2014-07-22 22:51:29 by SaviorLoji

Hello NG Users!

So... it took several weeks but i finnally finished my first drawing on Paint Tool Sai ^^

Its my very first drawing, so please go easy on me, i am looking foward to see your critiques :)

So here it is : **click here**

And also on my DeviantArt (But i don't really use it)

Tell me what you think? :D



God...Someone...Help me....

2014-02-06 20:20:27 by SaviorLoji

Hi people how are you guys? You all are probably better than me D:

For those who are in USA now, i envy you. Why? because its freaking hot here, in Brazil. its the hottest summer ever since 1986 or something like that... depending on the city, ITS FREAKING 50°C.

There are some images about how i feel now:







Happy New Year! :D

2013-12-31 12:01:58 by SaviorLoji

Hello NG people! I hope everyone have a Happy New Year!

I hope everyone have a good time with your family and friends, so go and enjoy it!


Merry Christmas, Newgrounds!

2013-12-24 16:18:37 by SaviorLoji

Hello people!

Merry Christmas everyone! Turkey, party, and happiness to all!